Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How to Use Social Media to Market Your Work

Even if you don’t have a lot of money to market your business, online social networking can be an excellent business-building strategy. Social networking allows you to connect with a large group of people for free with just a small investment of time. In this article, I outline some frequently used social media tools and how to use them to promote your work, to build rapport with potential clients and to promote events.


TwitterTM is a simple “microblogging” website. Microblog posts on TwitterTM are up to 140 characters. You would be surprised how much information you can squeeze into one ‘tweet’ (a TwitterTM update) especially if you include a link to more information on your blog or website.

You can build up a following on TwitterTM quite easily so long as your tweets provide useful information. You can gain more followers by becoming an active participant in the TwitterTM community, responding to others’ tweets, and following people who look interesting or relevant to the topics you want to address. Once you have followers you can quickly disseminate information and get lots of extra visitors to your website or blog.

Tools to make the most of TwitterTM are:

TwitterGraderTM (
http://twitter.grader.com/search) helps you find top people to follow. Try searching on your city, on professionals you are interested in connecting with (such as ‘dietitian’), or on subject matter you would like to learn about.

TwitterFeedTM (
http://twitterfeed.com/). If you are already writing a blog, TwitterfeedTM will automatically update your TwitterTM account each time you blog with no extra work required.


Using this social networking tool to promote your business does not take much more work than what you already do to interact with your friends. The best way to connect with potential clients and other business supporters is to set up a ‘page’ where people can become your ‘fans’. You can use your page to interact with your supporters, to post articles, and to link to your website or blog. You can set up your page to automatically import posts from your blog as ‘Notes’ to save time updating your Facebook profile, and you can use the ‘Events’ feature to spread word about health fairs or workshops, to invite participants, and to track RSVPs.


LinkedInTM is a business-focused social media tool and one of the easiest to start up. You simply create your profile (essentially an online resume), then look for people with whom to connect. Once you are connected, ask for recommendations from colleagues or previous clients. These are posted to your profile and build your credibility.


If you are thinking that using these tools involves too much writing, you might think about using YouTubeTM. Instead of writing, you can just talk! People watching YouTubeTM postings do not expect professional film quality so you can create a video using a basic video camera, the video feature on your digital camera, or even your cell phone. Your laptop may even have a built-in video camera you can use. To make a film, think about some of the top questions your clients ask you, then film short answers. Once you have a few videos posted, you can create your own ‘channel’ – a YouTubeTM page where all of your videos are collected. Visit
http://www.youtube.com/user/thenutritionexpert to see an example of a dietitian putting YouTubeTM to work.

Bottom Line

Social networking is another form of networking that requires you to interact and to be part of the community, offering valuable content and resources. If done right, the rewards can be great. Some of the outcomes in using these media for me have been that I met journalists, editors, and health writers on TwitterTM who end up publishing my nutrition tips, and a literary agent found me on LinkedInTM and asked if I was interested in writing a book. I even received a nomination for an award from a TwitterTM follower I had never met.

The most important thing when you begin social networking is to be open-minded. You may receive spam (who doesn’t), or have people try to recruit you to sell products. If you do not like what someone says in one of their posts or about one of your posts, it is easy to block or to ‘unfollow’ them. Use these tools to build a real community, and you just never know what opportunities they might bring.

If you are interested in seeing how I use social media, connect with me at:

TwitterTM: http://twitter.com/HealthCastleGlo
Facebook (personal profile):
Facebook (business page):


Gloria Tsang, RD
Port Coquitlam, BC


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The main key to success in the Online Arbitrage business is all about sourcing the products online and reselling them on the Amazon marketplace. Finding profitable leads is a process of searching through various websites. If you want to discover the most beneficial products and buy them, you need a solid sourcing strategy. The best way is to use a lead list to do it effectively and speed up the process. The lead list narrows down your search, and you can use it as a cheat sheet. Generally, you can provide the online arbitrage list by yourself or obtain this service from particular tools. Building your own lead list requires too much effort and time, so it isn’t easy, but you save money. You should pay for it when you decide to use software or tools to have an online arbitrage lead list. As these lead lists are given to other people at the same time, the competition is high.

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What Is Online Arbitrage?
In summary, online arbitrage means purchasing items and selling them to make a profit. Sourcing the items and selling them happen on the internet. Sellers find profitable deals on online stores like Walmart.com or Target.com and resell them on platforms like Amazon or eBay. It seems all a seller needs are a computer. Yes and no. Online arbitrage doesn’t need a huge capital to start, but it needs data, knowledge, and correct strategies to succeed.
Different Types of Online Arbitrage
Amazon online arbitrage isn’t the only type of online arbitrage, but it is the most famous one. Here we want to introduce other kinds briefly:
Amazon Online Arbitrage
It is one of the leaders in the eCommerce world and has more than 2 million sellers around the globe. Amazon has a different marketplace in different countries like the US, Canada, UK, so on. It attracts hundreds of millions of users every month and has a complicated logistics network.

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The answer to this question is not straightforwards as it depends on the amount of money you invest and the time you put into your Online Arbitrage business. Besides, the type of deals you could find also has a main effect on your profit.

But, there is a positive point about selling through Online Arbitrage that the nature of making money is very exponentially driven. So, even if your budget is small, you can expect your money to grow drastically. Your monthly profit can be from $100 to $50,000.

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